Our Kitchen

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Be inspired by our different styles, colours and room layouts

The Terrace


This is our fine dining Front where we go all ballistic with the Culinary Art. Our well-seasoned team led by our Executive Chef will craft 3 – 4 course award winning style menus to satisfy your palate. We do pair our food with wine as well. Keep checking with us for our Wine pairing menu tasting options. We do have a collection of exotic wines both local and imported to match your instincts.



Grill &


This is where we have our live Barbeque cooking stints and Pizzeria. You can join us every Saturday for an active live barbeque sessions with our master Chef Mrenje – his marinades inspired from his long experience and history with handling exotic meat cuts. Our Pizzeria is as well specialized in Original Italian handcraft Pizzas from Chef Mrenje’s interaction with Naples, Italy – The home of Crusty pizza and original Italian toppings



The Traditional


Ethiopia Cuisine, well known for its robust flavors and spices is based here. We go all traditional and down to detail. Also available in this restaurant is the well known Honey Wine (Tej) and the fermented Ethiopian brew (Tela)