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Spice Grill is a restaurant, bar and coffee roaster. Spice Grill is a foodies paradise with a diverse range of cuisines that is themed as a farm to table concept restaurant. It is located in Mekanissa, Addis Ababa, and a part to the famous Zoma Museum Gardens. It is glazed with frontage of the beauty of nature and well manicured gardens overlooking nature trails and plantations. We are the best restaurant that serves our customers need in Addis

Chef Mrenje – The Executive Chef and owner,  uses products from their own garden to create a vibrant farm to table exotic menu to arouse the palate of the diners. Be a part of Chef Mrenje’s culinary experience and do not be left out of the journey.

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Our premium Kenyan bans are roasted to perfection on open roast fire. Our traditional process is unique and offers fresh coffee packing process that brings out the fruity and aromatic notes to change the way you experience coffee

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Passion, dedication, respect, attention to detail: the vital ingredients that go into making a great restaurant. It’s our own special recipe and our team has these qualities in abundance. Here are some of the key people that help make Spice Grill Zone a success.

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